Fantastic Fest Review: The Antares Paradox: Sci-Fi Thriller In One Place Stays In The End – Screens – Austin Chronicle | World Svings

Sci-fi thriller in a single location stays at the end By Matthew Monagle, 5:57 p.m., Tue. Oct. 4, 2022 In the last few decades, it seems like science fiction has been effectively replaced by post-apocalyptic cinema. Any scientifically based look into our future can only end in pandemics and catastrophes; The problems plaguing society make … Read more

Oscar-winning documentary “Riotsville, USA” breaks the late ’60s agenda of urban riot suppression that resonates today – Deadline | World Svings

Fake pawn shop. A fake liquor store. A village made up of fake storefront after fake storefront, like something out of a Hollywood backyard. What was this weird surrogate Main Street built on an Army base in Virginia in 1967? A place called “Riotsville.” Modern America has forgotten it, but decades ago the US military … Read more